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Santa Ynez Valley
Concerned Citizens
P.O. Box 244
Santa Ynez, CA 93460

To Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors

Dear Chairman Carbajal and Supervisors Farr, Wolf, Adam and Lavagnino:

Santa Ynez Valley Concerned Citizens (SYVCC), a community of over 1000 Santa Barbara voters, appreciated the recent position taken by the BOS to appeal the BIA approval of the Tribal Consolidation & Acquisition Plan (TCA).  Additionally, County staff prepared an excellent response to the Camp 4 Annexation Application Environmental Assessment documenting the inadequacy of the analysis both environmentally and fiscally.

SYVCC urges the Board of Supervisors to now strongly oppose the Santa Ynez Band of Mission Indians (Chumash) application for annexation of the Camp 4 1400+ acres of our county.   

We are aware you have received many, many letters from county residents who are enraged at the potential loss of county control over this land.  While not reiterating herein all the reasons why this annexation would be so egregious to the county, we do want to add our voice in opposition to Camp 4 annexation. 

Additionally, we feel it is important to point out what has probably already become blatantly obvious to you:  never have we seen our community so outraged on an issue affecting every voter in the county.  We recognize the financial impact this annexation could have on the entire county.

We encourage you, oppose annexation of Camp 4.

Thank you for your consideration of the citizens, residents and voters of Santa Barbara County.


Gerry Shepherd