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As a member of SYVCC, we want you to be aware of a precedent setting and potentially harmful discussion that is scheduled to take place at the August 20, 2013 Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors meeting, impacting the Camp 4 property and the valley’s tax base. Our valley is a precious scenic resource, and we must all join in fighting to preserve it against inappropriate and excessive development that will impact its rural charm and character. We need your help in this endeavor. (Reference SYVCC letter to Board of Supervisors.)

The Chumash tribe has requested the County enter into ‘government to government’ dialogue with them regarding Fee-To-Trust (annexation). At the August 20 meeting the BOS will consider this request. While, on the surface, this request might seem simplistic there are two dangerous elements:

1. Legally, a tribe has ‘government to government’ status only when dealing with tribal properties, ie a reservation, an annexed property. Camp 4 is not tribal property. It is privately owned (by the Chumash tribe) land, just as our home properties are privately owned by us. The tribe does not have a legal base for requesting a ‘government to government’ discussion with the county on this privately owned land.

2. To be able to annex (remove from county jurisdiction and become tribal property) Camp 4 through a “legislative (in Washington DC) procedure” (which the Chumash have been attempting for some time now), the Chumash tribe must be able to show they have local governmental support for this annexation. To date, all local governmental bodies (city councils, county groups) that have been approached by the Chumash have refused to support the annexation. We are told that if the BOS agrees to dialogue with the Chumash a congressman stands ready to submit legislative proceedings for annexation of Camp 4.

Please see the following documents for your further information for data pertaining to this upcoming meeting.

Chumash request for meeting to Supervisor Carbajal dated Mar. 6, 2013 and Supervisor Carbajal's response dated April 18, 2013.

SYVCC letter to Supervisor Carbajal dated April 29, 2013.

Steve Raftopoulos letter to the Santa Barbara News-Press dated April 14, 2013.

Supervisor Farr email to SYVCC dated May 23, 2013 re: Fee to Trust agenda item for July 2, 2013 Board of Supervisor's meeting.

Email from Supervisor Farr's office to SYVCC members dated June 26, 2013 re: postponement of agenda item to Aug. 20, 2013 Board of Supervisor's meeting.

SYVCC letter to the Santa Maria Times dated July 13, 2013.

Your written input and/or attendance at the August 20 meeting are extremely important.

Believe it or not, your letters and emails to the supervisors are counted. We need to flood them with opposition to annexation of Camp 4. Numbers count! Please take a minute to write or email, excerpting reasons from the attachments above, or simply tell the supervisors that you are opposed to annexation of Camp 4 and opposed to any negotiations between the BOS and the tribe regarding Camp 4.  Emails can be sent to: Letters can be mailed to Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, 105 E. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101.

Next, and equally important, we need a show of constituents at the Tuesday, August 20, meeting. Every body counts! The supervisors need to visually see that they have constituents who care enough to take the time to come to the meeting to show their opposition to annexation. You do not have to speak, but your presence will speak volumes. The meeting will be held in the BOS hearing room (with overflow seating available), 4th Floor, County Administration Building, 105 E. Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara. This agenda item should begin discussion around 9:30am.

SYVCC Board of Directors
Greg Simon
Gerry Shepherd
Nancy Eklund Hunsicker
Carol Herrera
Steve Raftopoulos