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August 27, 2012

Local Group takes issue with Chairman Armenta's Congressional Testimony [ 2 pages ]

September 18, 2012

SYVCC Response to August 2, 2012 Congressional Committee Oversight Hearing on Indian Lands

August 2, 2012: Stand Up For California Letter of Comment

Aug. 2, 2012: Chairman Armenta Testimony

August 2, 2012: Mr. Grossman Testimony

Aug. 12, 2012: Concerned Citizens of Santa Ynez Comment Letter

Exhibits for Concerned Citizens Letter of Comment

August 2, 2012 :Congressman Young - Opening Comment

August 16, 2012

Amended Notice of Appeal [ 3 pages ]

May 30, 2012

U.S. Senate Report 112-166 Amending the Act of June 18, 1934  [ 44 pages ]

U.S. Supreme Court Debates Issue (Salazar v. Patchak) [ 4 pages ]

S.B. County Supervisor Doreen Farr letter to Congressman Don Young  [ 4 pages ]

California AG Kamala Harris Office letter of opposition to tribal annexation  [ 7 pages ]

Governor's Response to Opposition to Annexation  [ 9 pages ]

May 30, 2012

CAMP 4 Annexation - Santa Ynez Valley News Editorial

For what was once a sleepy little paradise tucked away in the hills, the Santa Ynez Valley seems to generate more than its share of high-megaton issues. The latest explosion is the Camp 4 land dispute. The Chumash tribe has acquired the scenic agricultural property and now wants to develop part of it with homes on ...." See article at: Santa Ynez Valley News.

May 29, 2012

TO OUR MEMBERS: An ominous bill has been introduced in our state government that would prohibit a state agency from opposing fee-to-trust applications for the purpose of housing, environmental protection, or cultural preservation. If passed, this bill disenfranchises California citizens from due representation by their government. Santa Ynez Valley Concerned Citizens has sent the following letter of opposition to Senate Bill 162. But that is not enough. Your voices need to be heard. Our legislators listen when volumes of letters and calls are received from voters. Time is of the essence. The hearing date for this bill has been set for as early as June 6, but more likely June 20. Please:

  1. Read our letters to Senator Tony Strickland and Assemblyman Das Williams.   (A copy of the letter to Sen. Strickland is linked below.)

  2. Read the bill itself, which is also included in a link below. Here you can see the amendments that took this bill from an innocuous card room bill to a bill affecting all citizens of California.

  3. Read the attached excellently written letter of opposition sent by Supervisor Doreen Farr. This clearly delineates what happened and when.

  4. Write/email your letter (or call) to as many involved Assembly and Senate Governmental Organization committee members as you can. These are the legislators that will hold the hearing on SB162. Their contact information is attached. You need only write a sentence or two expressing your opposition to SB162. The numbers of letters received are counted, not necessarily read, so volume is important. Send one from you, one from your spouse.

Important: Be sure to send a copy of your letter to our representatives, Senator Tony Strickland and Assemblyman Das Williams. Their contact information is listed below.


Reference Contact List   Letter to Sen. Tony Strickland
Letter from SB Co. Supv. Doreen Farr   THE BILL: SB 162 Senate Bill Pending
    No on Camp4 Poster

SB162 has clear negative impacts of tribal annexation in the Santa Ynez Valley, as well as state-wide fee-to-trust implications. We need your voice to be heard loud and clear. Thank you for your efforts.

Santa Ynez Valley Concerned Citizens Board

December 17, 2011

This coming Tuesday (Dec 20, 2011), the Lompoc City Council will be asked to vote in support of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians annexation of 1,400 acres in the Santa Ynez Valley.

The Solvang council has already refused to support this Chumash desire for annexation. Further, the citizenry of the Santa Ynez Valley are overwhelmingly opposed to the annexation.

Annexation permanently removes property from compliance with county development laws, and, most importantly, removes the land from the county tax base. This reduction in tax revenue, in turn, affects tax-funded services, such as school programs, public safety services, and social services countywide including Lompoc.

Further information on the negative impact annexation of this 1,400-acre Camp 4 property would have can be found in the Santa Ynez Valley News Dec. 8 commentary written by county Supervisor Doreen Farr, wherein she urges the Chumash to not pursue annexation of the property.

Please contact your council members and ask them to abstain from supporting this costly annexation request that benefits a few, at the expense of all taxpayers.

Lompoc City Council to Vote re: Annexation

September 30, 2011

Community Matters, Article by Greg Simon of Santa Ynez Valley News

September 9, 2011

Video of the Town Hall Meeting of August 26 is available here:

SYVCC & Coalition Remarks to Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, 9/6/2011

August 5, 2011

"Goodbye Santa Ynez Valley, Hello Casino Town". See this attachment regarding a scheduled Town Hall Meeting on August 26, 2011 at 6:00pm regarding the attempt by the Chumash to take 1400 acres at the intersection of Highways 154/246 out of County jurisdiction and into Federal "trust".

July 15, 2011

Please see the attachment to view a proposal recently submitted to the CEO of Santa Barbara County by the Chumash Tribe. Please read this entire document as it is self explanatory.

At the right is a picture that was taken of a map on Fess Parker's office wall when he was involved with the Tribe in attempting to develop 745 acres, a little over half of what the Tribe eventually purchased, on the North/East corner of Highways 154 and 246.(Click on image for larger version.)

The red arrows were not originally on the map but were added to show the intersection of the highways and to show where the Tribe and Parker had planned to build a new hotel/casino. According to their Compact, which expires December 31, 2020, with the State of CA, the Tribe is allowed two casinos. There is no reason to think anything has changed in regard to what the Tribe would build if the land was taken into Trust. If the Tribe is allowed to develop the 1400 acres, which is almost the size of the City of Solvang, the negative impact on this Valley, as well as Santa Barbara County finances, would be enormous. The increase in traffic, loss of property tax revenue, environmental degradation and resultant reduction in property valuations are only a few of the profoundly negative consequences. The net result would be the permanent loss of the Santa Ynez Valley as we know and love it.

There is a coalition of groups in the valley being chaired by SYV Concerned Citizens, that has been formed to do everything possible to ensure that the County does not enter into this or any similar proposal. We are also actively working to see that the 1400 acres does not go into Federal Trust. (Federal Trust status would permanently remove the property from all local tax obligations, as well as all local zoning & control, in addition to vastly increasing demands upon local infrastructure and services.)

As this situation progresses we will keep you informed. Anyone who would like to assist financially at this time can make a donation to SYV Concerned Citizens ( Make a Donation to SYV Concerned Citizens, a 501c(4) non-profit organization, or WE Watch, a 501c(3) non-profit organization.

If you do make a donation to either group please state on your donation the money is to be used for the 1400 acre parcel issue.

3/30/11: Open Letter to Congressman Elton Gallegly


"Anderson drops bill that could muzzle state agencies" [6/18/2012]

"Put shameful bill back in grinder", SYV News [6/7/2012]

"Dangerous, dishonest bill moving through statehouse" Bob Field, Community Matters [6/7/2012]



3/30/11: Open Letter to Congressman Elton Gallegly

8/26/05: California Governors Position Opposing Fee-to-Trust

4/5/10: Santa Ynez Mission Tribe Purchases Land in Santa Ynez

4/1/10: Update on 1400 Acres

3/10/08 SYVCC Remarks before the Solvang City Council

2/27/08 Tribal Chairman Armenta's Testimony before the House Committee on Natural Resources Oversight Hearing on the "Department of the Interior's recently released guidance on Taking Land into Trust for Indian Tribes and its ramifications.

1/28/08: SYVCC opposes Prop's 94, 95, 96 and 97

1/18/08: SYVCC opposes expansion of Mission Indians Casino Liquor License

3/1/07: Letter from the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This respectfully requests County participation in any negotiations for an amended compact. Clearly Compact negotiations must be an accessible, fair and objective process providing opportunity to all affected parties. There is no room for secrecy since compacts set state gaming policy impacting Counties and communities of citizens for the next 20 plus years.

2/1/07: Mission Indians negotiating to expand gaming?

12/18/06: SYVCC Response & Comment on Proposed Rules for Gaming on Trust Lands

3/25/06: Open Letter from SYV Concerned Citizens Board of Directors

Gov. Schwarzenegger opposes latest Mission Indians attempt to annex land


Gov. Schwarzenegger opposes latest Chumash attempt to annex land. [9/12/2005]

National Public Radio visited Santa Ynez…Listen to the story [8/24/2005]

Sign a letter to the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors—they need to hear from you NOW.

Testimony of Valley Groups before U.S. Senate Committee. [6/2/2005]

Check here periodically for news about the Santa Ynez Valley Concerned Citizens coalition and our campaign.

Santa Ynez Valley Groups Submit Testimony to U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee

NEWS-U.S. Senate Indian Affairs Committee Hears Santa Ynez Valley's Concerns.

Draft Intergovernmental Agreement contributed by Concerned Citizens, February, 2005.

NEWS RELEASE, February, 2005: County residents want 'historic' agreement in writing.

Newsletter: November, 2004

County Supervisors Find Fault with Chumash Tribe's Environmental Study - June 22, 2004

Existing view of the Parker Parcel

Current Status:

SUNDAY April 4, 2010

The Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians have announced their purchase of 1390 acres [the same property as referenced above in addition to the remainder of Camp Four] from the family of the late Fess Parker. Our decision to purchase this land was made as a tribe, stated Vincent Armenta, tribal chairman. The land is historically important to our tribe and we are excited to own it.All the land within the valley is significant to us. Although the sale price was not disclosed, the figured was rumored to be approximately $40 million. According to Santa Barbara County, this property is regulated by the Williamson Act and is currently restricted to agricultural use or open space. It should be noted that in 2009 , the Chumash Tribe strongly [and unsuccessfully] supported Senate Bill 170, which would in effect have simplified and accelerated the process by which Tribal government would be able to cancel Williamson Act contracts on land they purchase.